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Important Information you have to know about the Background and Criminal Checks in Canada

As the crime rate is going up every day, it is hard to believe and trust on someone who you do not know before. We are living in a world where cheating and deceiving is common. It is important to do all the tasks alone. The best option is you have to trust a professional who you may not know. When you conduct criminal and background checks to ensure safety, you can trust and depend on a person. You will not have that small fear or doubt when interacting with that person. The reports will give you confidence and peace of mind in a great way.

When an employer wants to conduct background and criminal check, they have to give a valid reason to the background checking company for doing so. They have to explain their requirement briefly and tell why they want to check a candidate specifically. An accredited agency will perform a criminal background check for potential employees.

The criminal background check is a part of the pre-employment procedure. The Criminal Records Review Act passed by the BC Ministry of Justice in 1996 states that individuals who have administered access to or working with, vulnerable adults or children must approve a criminal and background investigation in Canada. It should be in the form of written consent.

There are several reasons to conduct criminal and background checks on a person. For example, when you want a person to manage your child while you are at the office, you cannot simply give your child to any person. It is important to think about the safety of the child. It is impossible to hire someone who asks low price for babysitting. You have to check accurately as you are going to leave your child under their care.

The background check is conducted by collecting the date of birth of the individual. You have to search the person in Pardoned record database and CPIC database. These databases help to determine whether the individual is a criminal or not. If the sex and date of the birth of the applicant match with the registered record, then it will be confirmed that he/she is a criminal. If the match does not confirm, the police service conducted that VS service will check their fingerprints with the list they have collected. It will help to determine whether the applicant is connected with pardoned record or a criminal record in recent years.

Police indices check

In Canada, improved security screening is conducted for several categories of employment. It includes driving records, criminal records, background information and much more. The search will take place within local database collected by the police. They will check for outstanding entries like peace bonds, judicial orders, warrants and charges, prohibition and probation, criminal charges, conditional and absolute discharges resulting in temperaments. They will see whether the person is mentioned in the negative contacts list of police but not restricted to threatening, harmful, or violent behavior, sex offenses, weapons, and threat.

If you are planning to conduct business with new people, you have to conduct criminal and background checks for safety reasons. It is dangerous to perform business with complete strangers like investing money, selling or buying big properties, etc. To gain information about people and for your protection, you have to check on public and personal records. It remains as a big help for business professionals.

The information you receive through name check is based on allegations and data that are not proven. It comes from unauthorized information. It will not be released without permission from the police officials. It is best to contact local public service to do a basic background check on individuals.

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What are the Benefits of Background Screening?

The background checks remain important for the employers. It will help the employer to avoid wrong hiring of candidates. If you hire a wrong candidate, there a possible source of obligation that flow and follow from employees misconduct.

The main purpose of performing background screening is to find out whether the applicants are suitable for the position. You may be hiring a candidate for the sensitive position, and if you are hiring a person with the wrong history, it is totally a loss for your organization. Moreover, there are chances to affect your company in a great way. Slack or failure to perform employment background check can destroy a manager or business owner. You may have worked day and night to build your business, but if you hire and place a fraud person, your business reputation will fall in a single night.

Employee screenings and background checks are mandatory in the domestic climate and business scenario. Most families and companies do not screen their candidates in a satisfactory way. It can remain as a big mistake since recruiting cons and crooks can remain extremely expensive. It has chances to cause mental trauma to the hirers or manager.

The background check remains useful for various purposes. It helps to leave the manager in the peace of mind. You will know that you have made a good decision while hiring a candidate. The business owners should know the background of the candidate and information of the workforce. In most times, the employers will not have resources, authority or time to perform detailed investigations. It is best to hire a background check company to get peace of mind.

The background checking will not provide employers will all the information you require. The information will help in getting other kinds of details. The information is collected by accessing sex offender registries, criminal databases, screening the driver’s licenses, workers compensation histories, educational history, and employment history. When you conduct a background check, it will help to avoid negative and unwanted circumstances.

A bad hire in business can remain devastating for a company. The background screening is needed by law especially for employees working in certain industries. It depends on the type of job they are working. Though the law does not need the background screening, there are still chances for the bad hires to put your company in danger. They can cause various damages that suffering, damages for pain and punitive damages. Such damages can be high with a concerned plaintiff.

Steps to avoid risk

· There are several ways the employers can avoid the risk.
· You can associate or partner with a leading background check service provider. They will help to meet your requirements of the business.
· Evaluate the types of background screens appropriate for your business.

Get advice from the legal counselor who have knowledge in background check associated legal responsibilities under the various state and federal laws that include equal employment opportunity regulations and laws.

About eight percent of employers are doing background screening when hiring new employees. When you see their history, you will, at least, two out of ten people with criminal history. It is important to take aspects into consideration when doing a background check. It includes professional licensing, educational certification, and past employment. It is told that there is an increase of about thirty-five percentage of applicants providing wrong information.

The employers contact professional background check companies before hiring a person for a reputed position. The criminal records play an important role in a background check. It will help to find out whether the person has done any crime or not arrested. It is difficult to ask them about arrest and police cases. You can analyze with the employment security department in your state to know about the person.

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What are the Common Mistakes takes place in Background Screening?

If you have an open position in your office and planning to hire a new person, you have to interview numerous candidates. It will help you in taking an informed decision. Well, you should also consider background check before selecting a candidate.

Most employers feel uneasy or disturbed when they have to take a promotion decision or hire without performing a complete background check. It is impossible to make a quick hiring decision if you do not have the necessary, important information. The background screening provides information that you do not know, or the candidate has not expressed to you. The information will be clear and brief which sometimes the candidate may have tried to hide from you.

The background check is performed to take an informed decision. However, the background check will not guarantee for effectiveness, attitude and future actions of a particular candidate. It helps to show the past behavior and problems and indicate the particular person is not a right choice.

No matter you run a small or large business, the background checks help you to remain careful with employees. You do not have to worry or feel disappointed when you know about the original color of an individual. It is important to perform especially on a potential employee. It is a complex task to perform a background check on employees.

You need to understand how and when you can legally and ethically gain information about a job candidate. It is best to hire an experienced and professional screening company to reduce the hiring risk. They will help to eliminate the risks connected with retention or bad hire decision with the background check process.

Here listing some mistakes you should not do when performing background check for your employees

· Failure to own background check policy
· It is wrong to consider background check for one position and failure to perform for another position that is similar to the first one.

· Only checking with the national criminal history records

Some people will depend only on the national criminal history records. It is completely a wrong move. If you have planned to check a candidate, you have to do it thoroughly. If you do so, there are chances of increased legal liability and potential pitfalls. You have to perform main source verification along with the national criminal history records.

Failure to understand the employment laws

When doing a background check, you should not break the laws. It is important for the professional who is performing a background check to understand the complexities of regulations and rules. If you get help from a screening partner, ensure they are aware of the laws and follows in real time. You have to check how they pass the report obtained from the background check. They should know the rules and apply to employers. They have to use the results in a legal manner to take retention decision or hiring decision.

Using social media

It is simple to look at the candidate’s social media profile and collect information about them. You can look at the person’s Twitter and Facebook account, but you cannot solely depend on it. There are chances to get wrong information regarding a prospective employee.

Avoiding education verification

Most professionals concentrate on professional references and employment verification. They would finally neglect to determine the legitimacy of the applicant’s education background.

Depending on automated software

Software and computers can remain helpful especially during background screening process. Remember, the details you have gathered through computer or software is not reliable or genuine as you think. It should be cross checked in person. You should not completely depend on the information gathered from the computer.

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